Tuesday, 19 July 2011

In-house Vs Outsourcing Medical Transcription

For the Medical Transcription needs of your clinic/hospital, there are two available options – to take care of the process in-house or to outsource it to a service provider specialized in it. Which option suits your needs or is best suited for you? Outsourcing medical transcription work is not only
enormously beneficial, but also comes with several other advantages that cannot be achieved through in-house transcription of medical reports. For any healthcare organization and provider, it is imperative that their main focus rests on their core activities especially patient care, for the growth of the facility and its reputation. Thus, outsourcing the non-core functions like transcription enables medical providers to do more with less and much more efficiently. Also, getting the freedom to concentrate on the physician’s expertise while the medical transcription is left to experts in the field ensures that all aspects of the healthcare facility are taken care of proficiently.

The challenging task of digital conversion of patient data and retaining them not only places a strain on the time of medical organizations but also its resources. Maintaining an in-house transcription unit requires equipments, space and human resources and therefore costs incurred on it. When the medical transcription requirements are outsourced, capital investment as well as equipment expenses are lower. It also helps in doing away with the cost incurred in hiring and maintaining employees for transcription processes. So the best benefit, after time, is inevitably money.

By outsourcing medical transcription more quality, accuracy and quicker turnaround time can be achieved. When the transcription happens in-house, several things can go wrong - the staff can be called in sick or can go on vacation, errors can creep into their work unknowingly, et al which can have serious consequences. Whereas, medical transcription companies hire experienced and skilled personnel who cater to the transcription needs specifically. That apart, transcripts are subjected to quality checks to ensure error-free, quality transcript quickly in guaranteed turnaround time.

Maintaining an in-house transcription service requires the meticulous effort of documenting and archiving reports generated on a daily basis. Outsourcing provides a solution by offering the benefit of accessing transcripts online at the ease of a click.

Thus outsourcing Medical Transcription to a specialist service provider who customizes as per your needs & budget ensures that you receive a sizeable amount of extra time to concentrate on patient care; all the while saving money, avoiding the hassle of selecting and training manpower or of buying and maintaining infrastructure for in-house transcription, yet receiving excellent quality, accurate and timely transcripts done by experienced specialists.

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